Analysis Elements in English Grammar

Topics: Subject, Sentence, Predicate Pages: 13 (3829 words) Published: May 16, 2013
LET 104
The Study of English Grammar

Dr. Omer Hassan Ali Mahfoodh

Name : Gan Kenn Vun
Matrix No. : 117454
IC No. : 920423065589 Deadline for the Assignment: 7 May 2013

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Omer for his help in walking me though this assignment. Frankly, I could not have finished this assignment without his help. The information on English grammar with which he provided the students in class is very valuable and relevant, so is his further elucidation for that matter. Busy as he is, he is willing to spare us his free time for us to see him in his room and ask for directions.

Next, I would also like to thank my coursemates who spent time working on this assignment in the library with me. This gave me an opportunity to confer with them which greatly had helped me solve my problems when I ran into snags in the midst of doing the assignment.

Last but not least, I must say I’m truly grateful to the references I cited on pg. These references have indeed provided useful information and succinct explanations.



Analysis and results3




List of Tables
Three Noun Groups
| Noun groups| Structure|
| always the best writer| Determiner (the) + Pre-modifier (best) + Head (writer)| | have a sixth sense about her| Determiner (a) + Pre-modifier (sixth) + Head (sense) + Post Modiefier (about her)| | Within her first month| Determiner (her) + Pre-modifier (first) + Head (month)| Table 1: Noun groups and their structures

Three Pronouns
| Pronouns| Types|
| It was very hard| Personal Pronoun|
| more than anyone else| Indeifnite Pronoun|
| left a trail of destruction in her wake| Possisive Pronoun| Table 2: Pronouns and their types
Two Verb Groups
| Verb Groups| Structure|
| She had been working at| Operator (had) + Auxilliary (been) + Main Verb (working)| | she was doing well| Operator (was) + Main Verb (doing)| Table 3: Verb groups and their structures
Two Adjectival Groups
| Adjectival Groups| Structure|
| It was very hard for Sam| Pre-modifier (very) + Head (hard)| | have been a bit more social with the rest of the office staff| Pre-modifier (a bit more) + Head (social) + Complement (with the rest of the office staff)| Table 4: Adjective groups and their structures

Two Adverbial Groups
| Adverbial Groups| Structure|
| love her immediately| Head (immediately)|
| to get to know him better indeed| Head (better) + Post Modifier (indeed)| Table 5: Adverbial groups ad their structures
Three Adjuncts
| Adjuncts| Types|
| demanded Sam's resignation two weeks later| Circumstanstial Adjunct| | she certainly could have been a bit more social| Stance Adjunct| | picked his head up the second she made it across the room| Connective Adjunct| Table 6: Adjuncts and their types

Three Subjects
| Subjects| Realisations|
| She wasn't always| Nominal Group|
| It was sheer luck that Christine wasn't in a position to influence hiring| Anticipatory It| | There wasn't much left| Unstressed There|
Table 7: Subjects and their realisations
Two Objects
| Objects| Realisations|
| always valued her opinion| Nominal Group|
| She had hoped that today would be the day he’d decide he didn’t have to work until all hours| Finite Clause| Table 8: Objects and their realisations
Two Clauses with Intransitive or Copular Verbs
| Clauses| Structure|
| She blinked| Intransitive VerbSubject (She) + Predicate (blinked)| | You are kind| Copular VerbSubject (You) + Predicate (are) + Complement...
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