Consumer Buyer Behaviour

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Question 1.1
Consumers make decisions on a daily basis and about nearly every product they buy and use, Blackwell et al. (2006, p.69). Complex buying behaviour occurs when the consumer is highly involved with the purchase. High-involvement purchases include those involving high expenditure or personal risk, usually associated to purchases such as buying a house, laptop, diamond ring or motor vehicle. These items are not purchased often, and the tasks associated to the decision process are complex because the risk is high in terms of the significant financial commitment needed to go through with the decision. The large differences among brands or products require a person to gather a substantial amount of information prior to purchasing the good or service. The high involvement requires the consumer to engage in what’s called extended problem solvingextended problem solvingPurchasing decisions in which a consumer gathers a significant amount of information before making a decision., where they spend a lot of time comparing the features of the products, the prices, warrantees, and so forth. High-involvement products can cause buyers a great deal of post purchase dissension if they are unsure about their purchases to begin with, therefore it is best to exhaust all the options available to them. The high involvement purchase decision made by a friend and I, saw us utilise all seven stages of the Consumer Decision Process Model, as discussed by Blackwell et al. (2006, p.70). The purchase that was carefully researched evaluated and finally purchased; was a trip for two weeks in Thailand. A few examples of the questions we had to ask ourselves and research were the following: What specific countries we each wanted to travel to, what country would be the final destination point? Did we have enough money to do what we wanted to? What did we need to buy for the trip? How were we going to find the best package at a low price? Who would we ask advice from? The stages of the Consumer Process Decision Model as explained by Blackwell et al. (2006, p.70) are as follows: Need Recognition

The buying process starts with need recognition. This occurs when an individual senses a difference between what he or she perceives to be the ideal versus the actual state of affairs, Blackwell et al. (2006, p.71) At this stage, my friend and I had always spoken about going on an overseas trip, as we were both bored and frustrated with the same old holidays we would take over the Easter holidays. During our December vacation, we met up and discussed the trip. We acknowledged that we both felt exhausted and over worked, as we are both Reps working in the sales industry for highly demanding companies. The problem we both recognised was that we never did anything about it. We both felt we needed to get away for a while and return refreshed and revitalised. When a person or consumer finds a problem, they would usually try to solve the problem by coming up with a solution. My friend and I recognised that we had to solve our frustration problem, by finally taking the steps needed to take that dream vacation we had always wanted to go on. The decision to take the holiday the following April meant that we had various decisions to make regarding the time, destination and what type of holiday it would be. We had to ask ourselves whether it would it be a holiday where we would do mainly tourist activities through a Kontiki tour or would it be more of a relaxing, exotic location based holiday, where we would not necessarily focus on doing tourist activities throughout. The first and most important decision to be made was the destination. My friend and I decided to each choose two destinations we would both like to go to, and out of the four choices, Thailand came up twice. Since it was clear we both wanted to go there, it was the easiest decision to make. Search for Information

The second step is information search; this is done in order to satisfy the need...
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