Consumer Buying Behaviour

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Consumer behaviour is the study of how individuals, groups and organizations select, buy, use and dispose of goods, services, ideas or experiences to satisfy their needs and wants. The emerging costumer trends play an important role in analysing the marketing opportunities. A consumer buying behaviour is influenced by cultural, social and personal factors. The consumer passes through five stages of the buying decision process: Problem Recognition, Information Search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post purchase behaviour. This model is important for anyone making marketing decision and customer pass through all stages in every purchase. In our study, we have analyzed the buying behaviour of consumers by interviewing 3 consumers – each for a different product variety. The first was a security guard who had bought a soap for Rs. 10. He was set on buying the same brand of soap and was not very keen on trying other brands. He has been using the product for a long time and was satisfied with the quality. Next, we interviewed the receptionist of a hostel who had bought a pair of shoes for approx. Rs. 1000. the primary factor influencing consumer behaviour in this case is the quality and long lasting performance of the product. There are other factors like price, awareness, information as well but these factors play a very marginal role in the ultimate decision making process. Lastly, we interviewed a senior analyst about a pair of headphones which he had purchased for Rs. 1150. We believe that this buy revealed a little bit about his personality. The respondent conducted thorough research and judged several parameters before converging on the product. He does not indulge in impulsive buying and considers products from several brands. He was not much worried about availability as he brought the product online. As marketing students, we realized that understanding consumer buying behaviour offers consumers greater satisfaction (Utility). We must assure that we adopt the marketing concept and are consumer oriented.

Category 1: A mundane product of cost less than Rs.10
Product Cost: Rs. 10
Product: Lux
Customer Profession: Security Guard.
Customer Name: Vijay
Vijay purchased a Lux soap for a price of Rs. 10. He has been using Lux since his childhood and it was the first soap he was exposed to by his family. He has not experienced any ill effects so far. He is particularly fond of the fragrance the product offers. Besides fragrance he prefers Lux for the glow it offers and the quality of product. He has faith in the brand and he shall not consider changing the brand even if there is a price hike. He purchases Lux once in a week from the nearby general stores. Even though he used soap brands like ‘LifeBouy’ and ‘Cinthol’ in his village, where Lux was not easily available, but he still prefers Lux. Given a chance he would recommend others to use Lux but he himself is not very highly influenced by others’ suggestions and recommendations. Advertisements also played a part in his decision to continue with Lux. He categorized the purchase as a casual decision since he has been using since his childhood. The consumer was set on buying the same brand of soap and was not very keen on trying other brands. He has been using the product for a long time and is satisfied with the quality.

Refer to Table 1.
Category 2: A PERSON WHO HAS INVESTED IN A PRODUCT WORTH RS. 1000 Product Cost: Rs. 1000
Product: Shoes
Customer Profession: Receptionist
Customer Name: Chandan
The respondent has been purchasing Bata shoes for an approximate price of Rs. 1000 over the last several years. He works as a receptionist in a hostel and is thus required to spend a lot of time, around 10 hours, at the counter. He thus expects certain qualities from the shoe product which can make him feel comfortable at work.The first time he used Bata shoes was in the year 2002 on the recommendation by his friend and since...
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