Consumer Behavior of Micromax

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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Origin of the Report
This report is prepared with the respect to course of Consumer Behavior. We are assigned to prepare a term paper by our honorable course instructor Mr. Farhan Faruqui. Our task is to make a survey on Micromax mobile and complete a study that covers all important factors of consumer behavior.

1.2 Objective of Study

* To apply our knowledge that we have gathered from Consumer behavior course into the report * To provide the overview of Micromax mobile
* To measure the business value of Micromax mobile
* To give possible recommendation for Micromax mobile

1.3 Scope of the report

This report is created on the basis of what people think about Micromax mobile. For this we conducted a comprehensive survey on Micromax mobile consumer’s belief, perception and what thought consumers have about Micromax mobile.

1.4 Methodology
Sources of Data
Hereby both primary and secondary data has been used to prepare the report. Primary data: Primary data are collected via survey on individuals using structured questionnaire. Secondary data: Secondary data comes from the journals, newspaper articles and internet.

1.5 Limitation and Delimitation

* To learn the total information we needed to go all around the world. But for time & fund limit we could not meet people all around the world but we have collected data from people of all characteristics

2.0 Company Information

2.1 Introduction

Today, Micromax s one of the leading Indian Telecom Companies with 23 domestic offices across the country and international offices in Hong Kong, USA, Dubai and now in Nepal. With a futuristic vision and an exhaustive R&D at its helm, Micromax has successfully generated innovative technologies that have revolutionized the telecom consumer space. Micromax is on a mission to successfully overcome the technological barriers and constantly engender “life enhancing solutions”. The company’s vision is to develop path-breaking technologies and efficient processes that incubate newer markets, enliven customer aspirations and continue to make Micromax a trusted market leader amongst people. The Micromax ideology stems from its rooted belief in ‘Innovation’ and delivering “nothing short of the best” Micromax has a lot of interesting and thoughtful products to its credit on their versatile product portfolio. It was the first to introduce in the market, * Handsets with 30 days battery backup

* Handsets with Dual SIM / Dual Standby
* Handsets Switching Networks (GSM - CDMA) using gravity sensors * Aspirational Qwerty Keypad Handsets
* Operator Branded 3G Handsets
* OMH CDMA Handsets, etc. .

One of the major aspects that contribute towards the substantial monthly growth of Micromax is its 80% sales in the rural areas. After building a strong presence in the rural market, where the prominence of both subscribers and operators is rapidly increasing, Micromax’ is now progressively moving towards establishing its foothold in the competitive urban towns as well. The news further elaborates that Citigroup Global Markets Inc. has confirmed Jain’s assertion in a 3February.2010 report, which said Micromax had a 10% market share, putting it at No. 3 behind Nokia and Samsung, which had 12-13%.

2.2 Background of Micromax

Micromax made its debut in 1991, but it has only become well known in the past few years. The company entered the Indian cell phone handset market in March 2008. Within six months, it had won a market share of 0.59%. Micromax has seen a rise in market share since that time. Micromax is now the largest Indian domestic mobile handsets company, in terms of units shipped during the quarter ended March 31, 2010and the third largest mobile handset seller in India as at March 31, 2010. On March 31, 2010 the company registered the market share of 6.24% for that quarter, which grew from 0.59% in September 2008. Micromax...
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