Construction Disputes

Topics: Construction, Project management, Management Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Causes of Construction Disputes
1) Poor Contract Documentation that arises from the organizational system. •Inadequate or incomplete design information like information like Sizes, type, Colour, Make, Company etc is not mentioned in documents. •Ambiguities in contract documents like how the extra item will be settled, extension of time, liquidated damages etc. scope of work.

The written (or unwritten) contract is what guides the parties' expectations as to payment and performance. The contract must clearly identify the rights and obligations of each player in the process, from developer, to designer, to contractor, to subcontractor and supplier. More problems occur because an incomplete, vague or ambiguous "Scope of Work" in the agreement. A well-written contract that properly analyzes and allocates the risk on the project will often save heartache at the time of completion. 2) Scope changes that arise from uncertainty that exists within project management system. •Variation due to client like change in details at later stage or change in selection of materials. •Variation due to Design error increase in size of shower which seems small during execution or some design which are not as per the compliances of Australian Standards and need to be redone or altered. •Variation due Site Conditions which are specific requirements of site like if some of detailing needs to be changed on site like structural details or change in position of services. 3) Educational and behavioral adaptations of individuals within the system. •Poor communication: it is very important that since initialization of project till completion, the communication should be clear and all the doubts and quarries must be cleared once they are identified. Like payments to be done by Builder for Home warranty Insurance but will be chargeable to client separately. • Poor management like day to day managing the project Activities, selection of materials, requirement from different agencies,...
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