Consequences of Globalization Imperatives on the Political Economy of Mass Media

Topics: Mass media, Mainstream, Property Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: July 21, 2012
Essay Question: What do you think are the consequences of globalization imperatives on the political economy of mass media and how does this affect the relationship between centers and peripheries as far as cultural production is concerned?

“In a world of increasing advancements, the media and communication industries are a leading sector in facilitating overall globalization. It has the possibility of spreading information to places where in the past it has been difficult to get diverse views. It has the potential to contribute to democratic processes and influences especially on countries and regimes that are not democratic. On the negative side though, it also has the ability to push the ideas and cultures of more dominant interest (Shah, 2009).”

The consequences of globalization imperatives pertains to the spread of a materialistic lifestyle and attitude that sees consumption as the path to prosperity. It raises concerns in many countries where people fear that their culture gets diluted or given a back seat to the demands of large media and corporate interests in the name of globalization, where products and imagery, mainly from the west, make it into the televisions and homes of people. The fear of many people is that if people around the world are molded into model consumers, following a western standard, then it is easier for large companies to sell their products and know their buyer’s habits etc, while eroding local cultures and traditions. There is often extensive debate as to how likely this will be, whether local cultures and traditions will exert their influence on local forms of globalization, or if there will be more extremist backlash. In different parts of the world, many of these and other reactions are already seen (Shah, 2009).

Another consequence of globalization imperatives is that there have been a lot of mergers and buyouts of media and entertainment companies. Mainstream media has since become more concentrated in terms of...
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