He Causes and Consequences of Ever-Increasing International Consumerism

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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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The causes and consequences of ever-increasing international consumerism According to Noreene Janus in his article “ Cloning the Consumer Culture”, transnational corporation makes it possible that countries of different areas have access to other tangible goods and intangible values, which provides premise of the materialism that widespread the world. For example, you will not shock by the westernization in Asia or Africa. One one hand, we can’t deny the benefits that international consumerism contributes to , such as it helps the third-world countries develop and introduce new western elements. As far as I'm concerned, the spread of consumerism has also brought a lot problems in terms of individual as well as on a global scale,with the biggest issue that it threatens the natural environment, due to people's increasing desire for material procession and feelings of insufficiency. When it comes to personal problems, it will affect people’s normal lifestyle, endanger their physical, emotional and psychological wellness as well as causing personal financial crisis . Firstly, consumerism tend to change people’s normal lifestyle. Instead of living economical, they become materialistic and like to keep up with the Joneses. For example, in the article “ Trash”, Andrew Lam indicates that it is very easy to forget all the stuff they recycled in America are money in Vietnam. He claims that because no one in America treats recycling stuff as money, or we can say they don’t need to do that as a individual who lives in this most developed country. So they don’t need to live economical as people do from third-world country. That’s how materialism changes their lifestyle. What they think and what they do in a great measure will depends on their living conditions. Secondly, it affects people’s physical, emotional and psychological wellness. On one hand, it may results in some physical symptoms like headache, back pain or it could be emotional...
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