Conflict in the Work Place

Topics: Management, Conflict management, Conflict Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Week 4 Conflict Strategies

Part I:
A team is comprised of individuals working together to achieve a common goal. An effective team must have certain characteristics that allow its members to function more efficiently and productively. Strategies that a manager can use to help build a strong team are establishing objectives together and develop a participatory style. When you establish objectives you have to define performance objectives and then make sure that all team members understand the objectives and what will need to be done to achieve them. With a participatory style you have to encourage your employees to suggest ways to improve services and listen to their ideas and their points of view. When you encourage the team members to discuss issues they will work together and start to develop solutions together. Many things can contribute to trouble within a team. A lack of trust can be one of them. Most people need to be confident that the other team members will deliver to really feel comfortable and confidante that the team will work. In other words they need to be able to trust. It is hard to trust someone you just met and building trust takes time, effort, commitment and belief. There is no magic formula; an individual’s actions must speak for themselves. The absence of conflict can be a barrier when trying to build an effective team. Teams who are performing well often lack conflict. The thought is we are doing well, so we can sit back and not rock the boat. Conflict shouldn’t be seen as a something negative but a constructive way of getting the best from everyone. To determine the best and most effective strategies for building the team I would first get to know the different members of the team and their individual personalities, values, strengths and weaknesses. After getting to know them a little better I would be able to better pick the strategies that they would all respond to in a positive way. To determine if the team is operating...
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