M3.14 Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Topics: Conflict, Dispute resolution, Controversies Pages: 7 (1873 words) Published: February 28, 2011

|Centre Number |Centre Name | |Candidate Registration No |Candidate Name | |Please use the headings shown below |Assessment Criteria | | |The causes of conflict at work are identified | |Cause and effects of conflict |The stages in the | | |development | |Identify a conflict situation that you directly or indirectly experienced that |of conflict are described | |affected others in the workplace. |The effects of conflict on | | |individual and team performance at work are | |Briefly explain what may have caused the conflict, describe the stages in the |explained | |development of the conflict and briefly explain the effects of the conflict on the | | |performance of the team and individuals at work | | | | | | | | | | | |(weighting 60% of the total mark) | | | | | |Minimise and resolve conflict | | | | | |Briefly explain any recognised technique you used (or could |Any recognised technique the manager could use| |have used) to minimise and resolve this conflict in your |to minimise and resolve conflict in the | |workplace and briefly explain how you could create a |workplace is explained | |positive atmosphere at work to minimise the adverse effects |The way that a manager could create harmony at| |of conflict. |work and engender a positive atmosphere in | | |order to minimise the adverse effects of | |Note: If the conflict was one that you directly experienced |conflict is described | |explain how you dealt with it or how, with hindsight, you | | |could have dealt with it to produce a better outcome. | | |If you did not directly experience the conflict explain how | | |those involved may have dealt with it...
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