Computers in Todays World

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  • Published : January 13, 2011
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A laptop is a smaller, lighter and more compact version of a desktop computer. It has all you need from a desktop computer in one small package. It is a mobile pc thus allowing it to be used and brought anywhere. This makes a laptop very popular nowadays. Don't be fooled by a laptop's small size because it has many parts. The upper part is the screen which is equivalent to a desktop's monitor. In newer models, a webcam is incorporated in the upper part of the laptop. The lower part is where most of the other parts are. It has the motherboard, microprocessor, the hard disk, a CD drive, the keyboard, a touchpad used for navigation and a substitute for the mouse and the speakers. This is also where the ports are located. You can choose to add other parts to your laptop aside from the "main" computer. You can plug in a mouse if you find this more convenient than using a touchpad. You can also plug in headphones, a webcam or a microphone if the laptop you have doesn't have this built-in feature. Most laptops also offer expansion bays or slots which will allow you to connect an additional RAM. A laptop also has a battery and a power supply that you can attach to a power outlet to charge the battery. One important feature of a laptop that is often taken for granted is the cooling vent. This prevents your laptop from heating. The parts that are installed in the laptop can be changed. The motherboard can be changed if you want to go for an upgrade. You can also add in more memory to your laptop by getting a new RAM. The laptop's CPU or internal processor can also be upgraded. If your laptop's screen or LCD panel is damaged, you can also always get a new one and change it. You can also choose to change your laptop's video card and sound card. This is usually a main concern for people who use their laptop for games and would like to have a better video quality. The add-on features of a laptop can be easily purchased and just connected to the laptop using the available...
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