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Topics: Difference, Similarity, Time Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Sungyu Kim
January 13, 2013

Table PC vs. Notebook

Nowadays, many people use Tablet PC or Notebook. It’s very useful electronic device. So We will compare Tablet PC and Notebook when you are wondering about buying table pc or Notebook. It is very hard decision to you, because two things are similar. But they have many different features like weight, function, specification, and price. We would like to help you can choose one easier. We will talk about similarity, Difference and Conclusion. First of all, Tablet PC and Notebook‘s similar feature is portable. For example you want to use tablet PC and Notebook in anywhere, you get them, because their weight are lower than 2kg. Second, you can make and see a document. Like PowerPoint, Word, and memo in anytime. For example you want to see your lecture note, you can see that any time. Third you can do web surfing, listen to the music, and watch the video. And last thing usually if you have million won you will get a Notebook or tablet PC. Even with all these similarities. Tablet PC and Notebook have some differences. First Tablet PC is lighter than Notebook. Tablet PC’s weight is less than 1kilogram. So you feel like carry some paper. But Notebook is heavier than tablet PC (about 2kg).Second, tablet PC’s battery capacity is more than Notebook. For example, when you watched the video, tablet PC’s full discharge time is longer than Notebook. Approximately tablet PC is 10 hours but Notebook is only 3 hours so you can watch 3-4 movies with tablet PC. But you can watch only 1-2 movies with Notebook. Third tablet PC is able to use a limited device. Sometimes tablet PC users use keyboard or mouse but Notebook users use more devices like a USB, wired LAN, monitor to connect line. Last thing is their purpose different. Most people us tablet PC and Notebook to surf internet. And people use tablet PC to do easier work. Like make document, watch video. On the other hand people use Notebook to do professional...
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