Computer Use in Legal Work

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  • Published: January 19, 2013
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Computer Use in Legal Work
How Automation Software is Changing Law
Computers have been dominating the workplace these days.  In this modern world, companies have become ultimately dependent on computers when it comes to continuous or automatic tasks where humans are no match with when it comes to process time.  It completely eliminates the factor of “human error” and the inherent disadvantages of humans versus computers, such as the need to sleep or rest, the need for variety, etc. Modern technology has enabled data to be sorted, collected and analyzed quickly and perhaps more cost-effectively when compared to hiring a number of people to work on them to collect and analyze the data and then paying them an appropriate level of wages and benefits. Artificial intelligence allows data extraction, sorting and analysis to be tailored to the need of the client, wherein concepts that are identified using deduction processes can be added to their features.  These developments are leading to law firms where the majority of staff will be limited to those operating the machines alone – not to people doing the gathering, sorting and analyzing of the data. Computer logic has become very much intelligent and has become, at times, more than at par with how humans think.  Computers are replacing workers at an alarming pace in many corporations – with the notable exception of tasks needing high levels of creativity. Automation has become both good and bad for the economy.  Automation progresses as technology progresses.  Applications on computers are replacing the humans who used to do their jobs as computers do those jobs faster – often doing double the work that would be done in 8 hours by a single human being. Economics will be greatly impacted by the changes in technology.  Although it may not directly create unemployment since people tend to get more and more creative in finding something to do for work, the advancements in technology will continue to grow. E-discover, an...
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