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1. Social Parameters expected in our country by 2020
One major change in American life and society will be the growing realization that radical life extension is possible. A number of new healthcare technologies will have become available by 2020, such as vaccines for cancer and treatments to prevent and repair Alzheimer’s disease, which will have extended healthy life expectancy. Some therapies will directly slow the aging process, and others will be in the pipeline. The other major change will be a widespread discussion about ways to reform retirement, work, pensions and taxation to take account of the radical extension of life expectancy. Some will press for privatization, reducing entitlements, and raising the retirement age, while many Baby Boomer seniors will defend the status quo. Automation will continue to decrease the workers in the American manufacturing industries. Increasing machine use will automatically decrease the human labor. The Reflections of change in Social Parameters in our business The technological development, marketing, and servicing of ever more sophisticated products and the use of those products - almost certainly will create more jobs. On the whole, the new jobs will also be safer, more stimulating, and better paid than the ones they replace. The best jobs created in the Innovation Age will be filled by Americans (and workers in other advanced countries). If jobs go unfilled in the U.S., they will quickly migrate elsewhere in our truly global economy. Because the best new jobs will demand brains rather than brawn, and because physical presence in a particular location at a partic­ular time will become increasingly irrelevant, structural barriers to the employment of women and older Americans will continue to fall away. Americans of all backgrounds will be increasingly able to determine their own working environments and hours. Even the hierarchy of the organization itself is likely to shift, becoming flatter as internal teams work across time zones and functions, and as individual employees are given greater mobility and decision-making autonomy within those teams. 2. Economic Parameters expected in our country by 2020

Economy will change further, in an exponential man­ner. Innovations in latest technologies like biotechnology, computing, telecommunications and their confluences will bring latest products and services. And the creative destruction technology will shaped on national economies, firms, and individual workers and it's more powerful in this century. We don’t expect what type innovation strategies will transform the global economy by 2020. However, the new technology which is we use nowadays like computer and telecommu­nications revolutions enable us to speculate an informed in a manner on the implications of today's new technology. Fast-growing other countries American economies present both opportunities and challenges. Meanwhile, communications and transportation costs have inclination (declining to almost zero in the case of information exchanged on the Internet). Whereas shipping an automobile or a heavy machine tool costs remain consequential, even the products of the world's most dynamic indus­tries—such as biological formulas, computers, financial services. Microchips, and software—can cross the globe for a pittance. The Reflections of change in Economic Parameters in our business No matter what if skilled or unskilled workers will be affected by globalization in one or other way. They will fight for jobs and wages not just with their place or their country which is America, but also, with low-skilled workers around the globe. Shipping cost is not changed but the labor cost is more important in manufacturing places, the U.S. will retain...
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