International Management Exam Guide

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Multiculturalism Pages: 4 (784 words) Published: June 16, 2012
Discussion Questions

Q1: How does technology result in greater integration and dependencies among economies, political systems, and financial markets? CH 1 specific ways in which technology will affect international management in the next decade include:

Rapid advances in biotechnology that are built on the precise manipulation of organisms, which will revolutionize the fields of agriculture, medicine, and industry. •The emergence of nanotechnology, in which nanomachines will possess the ability to remake the whole physical universe. •Satellites that will play a role in learning. For example, communication firms will place tiny satellites into low orbit, making it possible for millions of people, even in remote or sparsely populated regions such as Siberia, the Chinese desert, and the African interior, to send and receive voice, data, and digitized images through handheld telephones. •Automatic translation telephones, which will allow people to communicate naturally in their own language with anyone in the world who has access to a telephone. •Chapter 2 The Political, Legal, and Technological Environment 51 •Artificial intelligence and embedded learning technology, which will allow thinking that formerly was felt to be only the domain of humans to occur in machines. •Silicon chips containing up to 100 million transistors, allowing computing power that now rests only in the hands of supercomputer users to be avail- able on every desktop. •Supercomputers that are capable of 1 trillion calculations per second, which will allow advances such as simulations of the human body for testing new drugs and computers that respond easily to spoken commands.

Q3: Describe the concept of cultural values, and relate some of the international differences, similarities, and changes occurring in terms of both work and managerial values CH 4

Basic convictions that people have regarding what is right and wrong, good and bad, important and...
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