Generic Benchmarking

Topics: Dispute resolution, Negotiation, Conflict Pages: 19 (6770 words) Published: January 22, 2011
M-Core is on the brink of creating one of the most innovative technological advances of the 21st century. The super processing chip will enhance the planet with the ability to have faster computers and decrease the energy used to make computers function. On a worldwide scale, this advancement is remarkable. To put this dream into production, M-Core is planning to build a new facility to house the production of the super chip in New Oxford. The City Council and Residents are excited about the growth opportunity involved with the town’s new resident. Currently, a positive image is posted on M-Core with the ability to offer new growth opportunities to the residents of New Oxford. In the midst of all the growth, a few conflicts may alter the production of the super chip. Three residents and an advocate from Nature’s Gifts have decided to take a resistance position regarding giving up their homes for the new expansion to help in the preservation of the wetlands surrounding the proposed site plan. M-Core is in a difficult position to make the right decision that will not only help in the speedy production but also give M-Core the positive image the company needs to maintain due to the heated conflicts that may put M-Core in a negative position. M-Core is in the process of researching benchmarking techniques by other companies that have faced similar problems with moving into a small town.

Generic Benchmarking Worksheet

Task A: Problem/Opportunity Statement
Response to Task A: Kathleen Graves

M-Core will maintain status as a world leader in design and manufacturer of computer processors in the world of technology by developing a world- class research and development campus and building strong community relationships that set a precedent for future development between corporations and communities working in collaboration. Response to Task A: Sean Brady

M-core has the opportunity to prevail in a situation that may create a negative image for the company in a community where M-core wants to build a new production plant for a super processing chip that would benefit the entire world while creating a growth opportunity for the people of New Oxford. Response to Task A: Edwena M. Henderson-Lampkin

M-Core, known to the world as the largest and most successful designer and manufacturer of computer processors, but to the residents of New Oxford there are some mixed messages with how successful the organization will be after investing in the land of residence within a community. Although their transaction of business is needed to bring development to the community, the leadership team must construct a plan that will not only fit the needs of those that agree with their plan but to those that have doubt that M-Core will bring jobs and foundations needed to the community for the people. Response to Task A: Veronica Jacks

M-Core management team has an opportunity to resolve the legal and ethical dilemmas with the homeowners who are refusing to sell their properties before they can begin construction of the new facility by making positive efforts to resolve the issues. Task B1: Generic Benchmarking: Topics

Response to Task B1:Kathleen Graves
Approaches to negotiation
Mediation: Agreement or transformation
Evaluate organizational management systems
Response to Task B1:Kathleen Graves Justification for Topic – Approaches to negotiation M-Core has a situation that is rapidly spiraling out of control. Concerns for image, initiating the project of building an excellent research and development center in a timely manner that will allow M-Core to outpace the competition and maintaining quality relationships within the community are all at stake. The current approach to negotiation is not working. M-Core is trying to use hardcore tactics with the resistant homeowner’s to no avail. The need for a new approach is obvious. M-Core seems to hold all the power. According to the text, “In...
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