The Contribution of Informatics to the Development of Social Networks and Their Impact on Society.

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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The informatics revolution - the term we use for dramatic strides in high technology in the field of computers and communications - is bringing about such revolutionary changes in organizational, social and political structures that no nation, large or small, developed or developing, can remain unaffected by this grand sweep. The informatics revolution is fed by technological breakthroughs in computer hardware and software, in mini and microcomputers and processors, in laser and fiber optics, in satellite communication, in digitalization in communication, and in artificial intelligence. As technology advances, the hardware and software capabilities of computers increase day by day. Data processing capabilities and high speed of modern computer and transmission capacities of modern telecommunications and satellites is transforming the world into a global network and people are interlinked across nation.

The impact of the informatics revolution on social, economic and cultural life. First is the issue of employment Production is being automated in the industries . This is expected to reduce labour requirement in these sectors, which could pose serious social problems. On the other hand, new software and service industries within the tertiary sector are expected to generate new employment opportunities.

Second, the informatics revolution could increase the economic gap between the developed and developing nations - or it could make developing-country economies more active, improve their quality of life, create new wealth through increased productivity. Third , the social impact of the new information technologies is going to be more profound than that of classical information technologies. Because they are light, flexible and user-friendly. The speed of information transmission is increasing as mail is replaced by electronic message transmission, New networks (especially those using optical fiber) are now capable of transporting data, voice and image...
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