Computer Revolution

Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: January 2, 2013
On the overview tab, the picture display is aligned to the left only. Please can you make them align to left and right for the second one? Just like you have them under itinerary tab.

This part can not be done like itinerary tab because in itinerary section the image is the 1st image as per the days. But in the package overview section, it is showing 1st 2 package overview images for the particular Tour Package Name.

On the Package Inclusions tab, please remove ‘Package Inclusions’ in the body of the tab. It’s a repeat of same thing with header. Alternatively, please put ‘This package will include:


The image display between the overview tab and the package itinerary tab is somehow distorted. I uploaded the two different images that is under overview tab but only 1 of those images is displaying under itinerary tab. Pictures under itinerary tab seems to be repeating itself. It initially displayed correctly but on refreshing the page, it started displaying as it is now. I have tried deleting the image on itinerary day 2 under that tour but it is not showing for me to delete and it also NOT adding another image. Also, the images are automatically taking the name ‘tourdetails_#.jpg’ instead of the name as saved by me before upload. Am not sure this is an error but if you have written the program to make it easy to upload, kindly leave like that otherwise please let the pictures have their names. Please check this issue properly.

Explained above (I.e for 1st query)

Think we should also reverse the colours for the buttons in the price box. The ‘Book now’ should be orange while the ‘View details, modify and send enquiry’ should all be blue. It will appear better that way. Also, the price character/size is TOO small. Please enlarge for proper view as many people have eye problems.


In the search result box at the top, it is still having ‘Adult:1’ even though there is no selection of number from the search box....
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