Computer of the Future

Topics: Nervous system, Psychology, Future Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: May 25, 2013
(Film "Avatar") The one of the most important themes of this film is future technologies, for example people are able to move their soul from one person to another, and it doesn't matter who it will be, man or someone else. 1. So, we can observe, that this film can give us an example of computers of the future. To control computer, to give him a mission, to tell what it should do – all that we will be able to do with the help of our brain. All computer needs are neurons and impulse accessed from the surface of the human body, or muscle impulses picked up by electrodes on the arm, hand, face or forehead generated by physical movement. So when our brain will be active, our neurons start to work harder, we can replace a folder on the desktop for example, computer will understand this signal and do what we need. You can imagine communicating with your friends through the devices, and that opens up a lot of ethical issues. Also such method can be very useful in the surgery, in the cosmos, when people can't fly on the moon, or on the Mars, or somewhere else, robots will be very indispensable, because when people control it, they see what is around, all they need is too use their neurons and some muscular impulses. 2. Now I will show you 5 predictions about the world in 5 years. With all due respect to current technology our computers today are just large calculators. They calculate very fast and they calculate lots and lots of data, but they really don’t think. I think that cognitive computers are very simplest, how do we get computers to behave, and think, and interact the way humans do. In today’s worlds we always provide imperfect answers, because we don’t have all the information. A cognitive system allow us to do is to be able to collect that information from what is seen, from what is heard, from what is felt and use that information to provide a more accurate answer to the problem at hand. 3. Another theory of the future computers is chips and...
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