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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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1. Use the Internet to find an online job posting. Try using a site like or Then complete the items below.
a.List the link to the posting. (1.0 point)
b.List at least two requirements of the job. Complete sentences are not necessary. (2.0 points) - Bachelors Degree, MBA Preferred
- 5+ years Leading a Digital Marketing Team
- 10+ years of online marketing experience
- Must be a "hands on" leader that is used to executing campaigns and digging deep in the work
c. List at least three tasks that are a part of the job. Complete sentences are not necessary. (3.0 points) - Leading a digital marketing team in acquiring new customers and converting customers from other businesses - Not only setting the strategy, but performing the execution as well - Heavy focus on Display Ads, Sponsored advertising, Affiliate Referrals, Social Media, Email, and more - Offline marketing as well with Direct Mail Campaigns

- Branding partnerships with major consumer products

c.Write 1-2 sentences explaining why or why not this job would be a good fit for you (2.0 points) This job would be a good fit because I enjoy business marketing, and I also look forward to heading a group to perform such tasks. I also have prior experience in digital marketing, which I feel would be valuable in this position.

2. Proofread each of the following sentences, and then make changes so that the sentences are clear, without any errors.
a. You’re going to write a cover letter now. (1.0 point)

b. The intern’s name is Jessie Robinson. (1.0 point)

c. Being an intern can be challenging. (1.0 point)

3. List two jobs where being able to type quickly and accurately is an important skill. Write 1-2 sentences explaining why. (2.0 points)
4. Which part of writing the cover letter was easiest for you? Which part of writing the...
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