Most Basic and Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers

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Most Basic and Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers 1. Tell me something about yourself
2. Why should we hire you? Or how can u say that you are the right candidate? 3. Why BPO/ (company name)?
4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
5. What are your short term and long term goals?
6. What are your contributions in order to meet the goals of our company? 7. Tell me about your native place.
8. Tell me about your college days.
9. Can u explain about Child labour/Corruption/Poverty?
10. Why do you want to leave your current job?
11. Describe the movie you have seen recently.
12. Tell me about a memorable/happiest/saddest day in your life. 13. Who is your role model, and why?
14. What is your favourite colour? Talk about it.
15. What will you do if you are not selected today?
16. What do you consider to be the important element of teamwork? 17. Tell me something about your favourite movie?
18. Who is your favourite player? And Why?
19. Tell me what you did since morning.
20. How much salary you are expecting?
21. What do you know about customer care/bpo industry?
22. If you were a superhero, what would be your super powers, and why?” 23. Who is your best boss? And why?
1. Tell me something about yourself
Ans: I am ABDUL SHARIQUE, I am 31 years old, I was born
, brought up in karimnagar district which is a part of Andhrapradesh, I completed my mba with finance in 2005 from kakatiya university, I am a certified professional with a extensive background in business management and finance. Once I finished my mba, I started working for a foundation which was established by my own brother; there my role was taking care of the events and charities conducted by our foundation, our foundation mainly dealt with fund raising events to help poor children and diabetic patients. Bur for our personal reasons we closed our foundation recently, So I was forced to get a new job to survive, And I want a change in my career, So I am searching for a position which is challenging, and allows me to utilize my knowledge and skills, However I am always eager to learn new things, and I want to update my personal and technical skills along with the job, So I thought BPOs are the best choice and would give me a quick start to my life as I have a long gap after my MBA. I have great knowledge in computers preferably on Microsoft operating systems and office such as word and excel. And I have good practical knowledge in system trouble shooting, hardware and network, system software related problems. I am a great devotee of Hanuman, and I am very kind at heart and like to serve needy, I am also volunteering as a representative with the local clubs, charities in karimnagar and I enjoy participating in community and charity events. And I was appreciated many times by those charities and clubs for my successful participation. Playing cricket, carom, making friends, Browsing Internet, Music are my major hobbies, I have got some prizes in cricket and caroms also. Finally, I am looking forward to have a long term association with your organization. I am confident that your company will benefit from my knowledge and skills. Thank you. 2. Why should we hire you? How can u say that you are the right candidate for us? Ans:

I understand your position requirements and if you take a look at my resume, I am quite certain that you will find that my skills and potential over and above exceed the qualifications and responsibility for this job. So, Is there a reason why you should not hire me? I can surpass your expectations only if you give a chance to proof my managerial skills and abilities and together we can achieve desired goals. I am reliable and have complete dedication and passion about my work also my responsibilities are my first priorities. This job profile suits me and I think this would be the ladder for me to move towards my goals. Throughout my career, I have consistently strived to become the very best I can become. The...
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