Designing for Dollars

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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BUSN 310 – Career Action – Winter 2013
Assignment #1
I want this job! –
Targeted Job Posting
Weighted Value: Complete/Incomplete
Due Date: Week 2

Purpose/Evaluation Value:
This assignment will be graded as either “complete” or “incomplete”. Please note that you must complete this first assignment in order to submit all other assignments moving forward in this course. The assignment will test your ability to effectively utilize job search engines/sites to find a suitable job posting that meets your needs/career goals/abilities. -------------------------------------------------

1. Select one relevant and current job posting of “real” interest to you (post-graduation) from a Canadian job search engine. 2. Make a copy of your selected job posting; you keep a copy, and a second copy will be submitted to your professor. 3. Once you have selected a job posting of interest, please also complete the attached questionnaire (13 questions) outlined on the next page. If you chose to handwrite your answers, please ensure that your writing is legible. 4. Please submit a printed paper copy of both documents (posting and questionnaire to your professor at the beginning of class in week 2.

Questions| Student Responses – complete the following:| 1. Your name/student #, current program area of study and career goal post graduation:| Name: Student #:Program Name:After I graduate, as a priority I will be: (check box most applicable) * looking for full time work in Canada * going to University * Other - please elaborate: | 2. Are you currently working? Check applicable box.| [ ] Yes currently working [ ] No not currently working | 3. Do you have any...
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