Computer Games Are Misunderstood

Topics: Video game, Video game genres, Video game industry Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Computer games are misunderstood: they are not harmful to children.

With technology spreading across the globe like an outbreak of an epidemic, more and more children have gained access to video games. Expectedly, some parents frown over the fact that the children might be addicted to video games. However, I do not see why video games, should be discouraged.

The first question we should ask is, why do parents disapprove of video games? Is there any evidence showing how bad it is? The truth is, children like video games. That’s all. That is why parents worry that children will get addicted to video gaming. Parents tend to assume that when their children like something, it must be bad for them. If they are spending a lot of time doing something, parents wonder what harm it must be doing to them. I believe this is the wrong attitude.

The common misperception about video games is that they are violent, gory and have no educational value. I argue that this is not true of all video games. In fact, many video games developed nowadays have very strong educational messages and help to work the left and right brains of the players. Video games have proved to improve a child’s motor skills and cognitive skills. Instead, I believe the correct way to approach this situation is if a child likes doing something, find ways to let them do it even more! Not the other way round. In this example, gaming. Children do not have to learn and cram facts into their brain, just to get results in examinations. Parents think, oh, my child must study hard for a bright future. However, by programming and designing games, your child might actually make more money than just sitting in the office! The gaming industry is growing at a breakneck pace and in Taiwan, the industry is now contributing $300million TWD to the Taiwan economy. Moreover, video games can provide a unique learning environment. They provide something, which for most of human history was not available, namely, an...
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