Videogames vs Boardgames

Topics: Game, Left-handedness, Board game Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Now a days, if you ask any children, teenagers, and even young adults about what they prefer between videogames and board games, about ninety-two percent will answer videogames without hesitation. I definitively belong to the majority of teenagers who will prefer a videogame over a board game. But if you ask me what I really believe is best option for your children, Ill have no other choice but to answer board games.

It seems that very quickly board games are becoming a thing of the past. More and more parents are choosing to purchase video games for their children instead of board games. Even the board games industries are trying to add some technological features to their games, hoping that it can make clients more interested in the product. What most of the parents don’t know, is the damage they are doing to their kids by buying them videogames. The consequences for using videogames are many, and even though they have some benefits of their own, for example they can help you focus by working with the left side of the brain (in case you are right handed), or with the right side if you are left handed. But even though, they are not worth the damage. And even if you think it is worth it, board games also provide you that benefit, without collateral damage.

Another reason why you shouldn’t buy videogames to your children is because you are enforcing them to isolate from the rest of the society. Do you think staying home playing video games instead of exercising or spending healthy time with friends and family is good for your children? It is NOT good; it is only making them live in an inexistent world, where they look just the way they want. A world full of violence, an inappropriate stuff; because a fact is that 60% of middle school boys have at least one Mature-rated game. And actually I believe most of the parents know that video games are not good, but they still prefer to use the easy way to keep they’re children silent and entertained at the same time....
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