Computer Games and Violence

Topics: Video game, Entertainment Software Rating Board, Video game console Pages: 6 (2221 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Have you ever been to the movies and denied a ticket because you were not old enough? Or, have you ever attempted to buy a game, and, of course, you got turned down, because, once again, you were not old enough? Although, you probably do know why you were denied or turned down, because of those great warning or rating systems on every form of media nowadays. Video games have been a part of American culture since the late 1970’s and first emerged as a controversial social problem in late 1994 and has continued until the present. Violence in video games is one of important issues that most countries are facing right now. They number of children exposed to violent video games is increasing dramatically and results in violent situations such as fighting at school. Even though this is not a new concern in the United States, it has reappeared at the top of many controversial social problems among the government, parents, educators, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (E.S.R.B), and game producers. An example of the controversy is that some people claim that children are progressively becoming more aggressive because of video or computer games. Other people claim that the E.S.R.B should reform the rating system for video or computer games. Also, people claim that video games should be censored. According to the American Psychological Association, children who play violent video games are progressively becoming more aggressive and the violence in video games has a direct correlation to more prominent violence among adults. So parents, educators, and the government are concerned about how much the damage of the violence in videogames inflicts on children, causing more crimes, creating more school problems, affecting children’s physical and mental and even continuing into adulthood. If we can reduce the number of children who are exposed to violent video games, our society will have less violence, more peace, and healthier children. The thesis statement of my research paper will be that the E.S.R.B should be more restrictive in rating violent video games. To understand the impact that video games have in our society today, we must first know a little bit about the history of video games. According to GameSpot, the physicist William Higinbotham has demonstrated the first video game at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, he also invented his own game called Tennis for two, that played on an oscilloscope in 1958. In the early 1960’s, a student from MIT name Steve Russell invented SpaceWar, this was the first game intended for computer use. The idea of playing video game on television, it wasn’t start until 1966 when television was just reaching mass market popularity. In 1967, Ralph Baer has the idea of using televisions for playing video game than just watching them. In 1967, Baer and his team are successful in creating two interactive television games which are chase game and tennis game. In addition, they also develop a toy gun which it detects spots of light on television screen. First video games are created to give people some kind of entertainment and help people to release their stress rather than violence video games. Early 1970’s the first computer space coin operated arcade video games is released by Nutting Associates. About 1500 machines are made but the game is not popular with player because it too difficult to play. In 1972, the first commercial video game console that could be played in the home was released by Magnavox know as Odyssey. This game console could play a little over a dozen games by switching out a cardstock template on the system. During the same year, the Atari carted Pong, which is adapted from tennis game on the Odyssey and Tennis for Two. This is the first successful of the coin operated arcade video game. In mid 1970, Fairchild Channel F is the second world home video games system with the first full-color video games that introduce by Fairchild Camera and Instrument. In 1976, Death Race...
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