Videogame Censorship

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  • Published : April 1, 2008
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AP English IV – 2nd period

27 January 2008

Video Game Censorship

From the blurred images on TV to the beeped out words on the radio, censorship can be seen everywhere. It can be defined as the act or practice of suppressing material deemed objectionable on moral, political, military, or other grounds. Censorship has been around for decades and has been done by various groups, such as the government, religious groups, corporations, or the mass media. Censorship is also seen in every country and each of them may have its own guidelines in regards to censorship. There are multiple reasons for censoring, such as to prevent state or government secrets from being leaked, to prevent falsification of scientific research, and many others. While many believe that censorship is necessary for the good of the people, other feel that censorship is wrong and that it restricts people’s freedom of speech and expression. Everything that undergoes a form of censorship falls into a certain category of censorship.

There are multiple types of censorship, each belonging to a different category: moral censorship, military censorship, political censorship, religious censorship, and corporate censorship. Moral censorship is censorship in regards to the questioning of morality. Thousands of things fall under moral censorship such as questionable works of art, pornography, graphic violence, drug use, explicit language, and others. Moral censorship is one of the most common types of censorship (and one of the most debatable) seen in the world today. Another type of censorship is military censorship, which is censoring in order to keep military intelligence and tactics confidential, and out of enemy hands. An example of military censorship would be preventing the press from releasing certain types of media coverage to the public. This type of censorship is considered acceptable by the majority of the people because it involves the security of the nation. Without military censorship, the enemy could easily obtain valuable information needed to gain the advantage. Political censorship is another type that involves retaining confidential or secret information from the citizens. This type of censoring is not necessarily used to protect the nation from foreign enemies, but to protect the government domestically. The government uses this type of censorship to prevent the people from revolting against it. Although it can also be used to protect the nation from the enemy, since the enemy can find an opening to attack the nation if the citizens harbor any hatred for the government. As a result of all this, the government does not openly support political censorship (to prevent arousing suspicion among the people), but endorses it in private. An influential type of censorship is religious censorship, which involves the removal of material that is considered objectionable to a certain faith. In this type of censorship, the dominant religions of the country tend to control what type of material is removed. For the most part, the recessive religions of the country do not have a voice in religious censorship. This type of censorship is common in the Middle East, where there is a lot of religious strife. The last type of censorship is corporate censorship. Corporate censorship involves the prevention of publishing material that produces a negative image for a corporation or its business partners. Almost every type of subject in the world has at least one thing that has been censored, which falls into one of the above-mentioned categories

Censorship is seen everywhere; in the media (TV, music, internet), in education, in books. Censorship has spread to just about every subject that a person can think of. There a multiple ways that things can be censored. An example would be the prevention of the releasing of a controversial book. The book may contain material that exposes the government, and as a result, the government does not allow the book...
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