Competing Value Framework

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In your own words, explain the concept of Competing Values Framework. How does application of this concept make a leader more effective?

The competing value framework has two axes, the horizontal axes represents the range from internal organization in which the development and well being are emphasized to an external focus which emphasizes the well being of the organization as a whole. The vertical axes represents where decisions are made. The top half represents more flexibility where there is more distribution of leadership. The bottom half represents a more hierarchical style where the control resides with the management. Already we can see that each side contradicts the other. For example, we want our organizations to remain flexible and adaptable, but we also want them to be controlled and stable. These two axes create four quadrants, each quadrant represents a different communication perspective. Each quadrant represents its own style of how to organize and operate in the organization.

The upper left quadrant represents the human relations model. The primary goal of this group is to do things that will last. This involves collaborating, interpersonal communication and building relationships inside the organization. The organization focus is long term, investing in its members will yield better profitability. The purpose of doing so is to create a community of knowledgeable members. This quadrant values shared goals, cohesion, and participation. Leaders are considered to be good facilitators and mentors.

The upper right quadrant, the open systems model, which focuses on innovation and the ability to adapt and change. The primary goal of this group is to do things first and encourages individuals to think creatively to launch new ideas and to differentiate from others. Leaders in this group are innovators and visionaries who can think quick on their feet.

The lower left quadrant, the internal process model,...
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