Sandwich Blitz, Inc. (Leading Change)

Topics: Management, Communication, McGraw-Hill Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Jack and Jenny have decided to adopt an e-customer order system that will allow customers to input their own orders due to the volume of customers and customer order errors. Jack and Jenny will need to announce the change with an explanation to why the change will need to occur. The explanation will stem from the data they have to support the change, such as the number of reports from employees, and management reports noting the increased number of errors, and volume of customers.

Jack and Jenny will need the support from all the store managers. The store managers will need to work together with the employees as a group. The mangers will need to educate, and communicate with the employees about the nature of the changes, and the logics. Communication to the employees should include how the transition will occur, why they decided to implement the order system, and how it will affect everyone. Management will also need to provide means for enacting new behaviors.

After the order systems implementation, confusion will be common. The image of the future must be clear. Communication and support will be critical. Management can offer incentives, and rewards for cooperating with the change.

Jack and Jenny will need to reinforce the vision and required new behaviors. The communication program that supports the new e-customer order system such as weekly meetings, and messages from Jack and Jenny will help build support and motivating employees to use and accept the new e-customers order system.

Removing obstacles for success will help encourage, and empower the employees. Training employees, and allowing them to experiment with the new system, will give them the solid knowledge, and authority to utilize the system. A couple of employees will need to be given the assignment to train the customers to enter their order into the system. The employees will be empowered, and training the customers will allow the customer to feel...
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