Compatitive Strategies

Topics: Porter generic strategies, Bank, Strategic management Pages: 50 (16030 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Chege Bernard K. K.
A Management Research Project submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA), School of Business, University of Nairobi
October 2008
This project is my original work and has not been submitted for a degree in any other university.
Signed: ____________________________________
Chege Bernard K. K.
Regn No: D61/P/8500/04
Date: _______________________________________
This project has been submitted for examinations with my approval as the university supervisor.
Signed: _________________________________ Date: ______________ Dr. Martin Ogutu
Department of Business Administration
School of Business, University of Nairobi
To my wife Med and our daughter Njambi Kamumu and the entire family, your support during the many long hours of study for MBA Examinations at the University and field data collection gave me great inspiration and motivation to complete the postgraduate course and this research project.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to my supervisor Dr. Martin Ogutu, Lecturer and Chairman, Department of Business Administration – School of Business, University of Nairobi for the many hours he spent beyond call of duty and the guidance and support he dedicated throughout the entire study. Special thanks to Mr. Maalu, the late Mrs Margaret Ombok (may God rest her soul in peace) and Professor Aosa, all lecturers at the School of Business – University of Nairobi for their creative criticism of the study. My gratitude goes to Mrs Zita Kaszaky Helberg, my line manager who approved leave from work to enable me undertake field data collection at Equity Bank Ltd.

I would like to extend further gratitude to Mr. Anthony Wang`ondu, assistant manager, operations who took time from his busy schedule to arrange for meetings, interviews and explain in great detail the corporate affairs of the company with sheer passion and commitment. I would also like to thank Mr. Joseph Njoroge Karugu, from the Information Technology Department, for availing his time and also organizing for meetings with other members of the department. Special mention goes to Mr. Anthony Chisero of the Corporate Strategy Department for the dedication and unwavering support to see to the end of the scheduled meetings. Special mention also goes to the staff at the Head of Human Resources Office and the Managing Director‟s office for providing excellent service in ensuring the necessary internal approval for the study and support by different departments.

I owe it all to the respondents who made the study possible. Special appreciation goes to my father, Mr. Joseph Michael Chege for his encouragement and words of wisdom during the entire study and in deed all my life and to my mum Sophia Njambi Chege, I cherish the strong foundation you laid in my childhood. Special mention goes to my brothers Francis and Simon, my sisters Nancy, Susan and Esther for the moral support during my MBA studies at the University of Nairobi.

Finally, to all my fellow MBA module II students at the University of Nairobi who provided constructive criticism to the study, I owe you an appreciation. v
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Figure 1: Forces Driving Industry Competition (Source: Pearce and 14 Robinson, 2007, P. 94, Strategic Management;
Formulation, Implementation and Control)
When determining competitive advantages and crafting coping strategies, the firm needs to understand the competitive environment it is operating in. This helps it place itself in the strongest position possible and to best make use of its resources and core competencies. This research proposal investigated the competitive strategies adopted by Equity Bank in order to gain competitive advantage in the industry. The case study method was used in handling this research problem. Yin (1984)...
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