Comparison of Private and Public Schools

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Comparison of Private and Public Schools

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There are two types of education that a child may receive in today's society. The choices are constricting into two group public and private school. There is always a debate whether you should let your child go to public or private school. Each of the two has it own advantages and disadvantages that make them look better in certain perspective compared to the other. There are many differences between the public and private schools. Both schools have their similarities and differences. For example, the quality of teaching and the expectations of the child differ from the two schools. The standards at public schools are basically common sense rules that apply to all schools, no weapons, drugs, or alcohol but the private schools take the rules one step further by a adding a strict dress code and a strict discipline policy. The dress code includes having a certain hair style, cleanliness, shaving, and professional dress. The discipline policy when compared to the public school is different, Troublesome behavior at a public school will result detention. Another difference is that the teachers certification in private and public schools are similar yet but have some differences. For example public school teachers must be certified by the state in which they are teaching. Certification is giving to the teacher when they pass their state test. The certificate is valid for five years and must be renewed. In most states private school teachers can teach without a teaching certificate. Most private school would like for their teachers to become certified.

There are also similarities between the sports programs. Both schools are similar because they offer the exact same sports. It is the competition that is different between the two. A private school is greatly affected by the parents and by who donates the most money to the school....
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