Why Private Schools Are the Best

Topics: Teacher, Education, Independent school Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: December 14, 2012
As one walks into yet another stifling and overcrowded classroom, the thought of near vacant classrooms puts them in a trance. Within that fantasy, an idea of always knowing what to wear and the ability to achieve exceptional grades starts to appear.  At that moment, reality hits and one realizes that they have fallen asleep dreaming, as it all seems too surreal. This dream may perhaps become reality if one attends a private school. At private schools, they only admit a limited amount of students, have a dress code, and provide a better learning environment. To begin with, private schools only admit a certain number of students. According to the NCES Schools and Staffing surveys, the results display that private schools on average have less than half the size of an ordinary public schools. This means that the classrooms have a smaller amount of people, which means fewer disturbances allowing you to focus better. Focus enables you to achieve higher grades by allowing you to complete your work at ease. Moreover, since there are less people, everyone receives a greater amount of attention from the teacher. This ensures that each student can form a stronger relationship with their teacher, which helps improve on academic success due to the fact that the teacher will have a better sense of how a student learns. With this knowledge, when a student encounters a problem, the teacher will be able to help guide them through using a system that the student learns best with. Since there are a restricted number of students in the school, it provides an advantage to each and every one of them. Secondly, there’s a dress code in private schools. With uniforms, it is easier to identify any intruders in the school because anyone without a uniform would be classified as a stranger. This identification system ensures that the school will be safe environment for everyone by immediately removing any outsiders from the premises before an incident occurs.  In addition, people often...
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