Catholic vs. Public Schools

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Catholic and public schools can be very similar but at the same time they can have many differences. Although they are both learning institutions, they both are quite different from one another. Catholic schools tend to have more rules and regulations than a public school. On a daily basis, discipline is stressed more thoroughly in a private school. Some may argue that it is more challenging in a Catholic school and that a public school is easier, where as others will say that public school is much harder. While this is a strong difference, some of the more obvious differences are the limits and freedoms between the two types of schools. Both schools display the same learning curriculum, however; Catholic school and public schools are different in many ways though Catholic schools seem to over rule most public schools these days.

There are many differences between a Catholic and a public school especially with their discipline and values. Among those are students are required to wear a uniform with this rule there are more rules that branch out from it. For example; shirts have to be tucked in, skirts have to be a certain length, all shirts and pants have to be school provided. Another difference is that in a Catholic school, prayer and faith are priority. Prayer is a necessity and is usually done as a group throughout the day. In a Catholic school, it is typically more expensive because they charge their students to attend. Another difference that separates Catholic schools from public schools is that it is easier to get expelled or suspended. There are more rules in a Catholic school. Discipline is stressed more in a Catholic school.

Some things that set apart a public school from a Catholic school is that in public school there is no dress code to abide by. Students have more freedom to express their own style and individuality. The cost of going to a public school is much cheaper than that of attending a Catholic school. This is because public...
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