Comparison of Peachtree and Microsoft Dynamics Gp

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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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Two accounting software programs, Sage Peachtree and Microsoft Dynamics, were tested under similar conditions for a direct comparison. General information categories were created with more specific segments to pit both of the programs against each other. The reaction to each segment was based on a Liker Scale, where each segment was graded 1-5 based on the following criteria:

1-Completely dissatisfied/very difficult
2-Slightly dissatisfied/moderately difficult
4-Satisified/not difficult
5-Extremely satisfied/very easy

The following analysis displays a matrix for each category with corresponding segments, showing the liker scale grade and explanation.

| Peachtree| Microsoft Dynamics|
General Ledger:| | |
Adding new account/account#| 5| 3|
Entering transactions| 4| 4|
Adding vendors/customers| 4| 4|
Entering invoices/purchases| 5| 5|
Entering receipts/payments| 5| 4|
Entering Payroll| 5| N/A|

The first comparisons between the two programs are general ledger functions and typical tasks. When a user creates a new company in Peachtree and proceeds to create new accounts, the software explains how to create accounts and how they are typically numbered. In Dynamics, there is no feature to explain the functions of the account creation process, but there are many choices for account categories that any types of company would use. Also included in the general ledger comparison is the ease of entering transactions into the ledger. Peachtree offers a direct link to general ledger activity and allows the user to enter a transaction with a detailed explanation and reference. Peachtree also allows for users to view a list of posted general ledger transactions and delete or edit any transactions. Though Dynamics does allow a user to utilize a general ledger function, the user must look through the menu to find it. Dynamics users may enter transactions in two ways: general journal...
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