Compare Policies Used in China to Control Rapid Population Growth

Topics: One-child policy, Family planning, Family Pages: 1 (427 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Compare policies used in China to control rapid, population growth with the policies used in one other named country The two policies that I have studied are the One Child Policy in China and the Population Control Program in Kerala, India. In 1978, china decided that they needed to control the population and introduced a law that only one successful pregnancy was allowed per couple and rewards were given if couples followed the rules such as pay rise, free education for child and healthcare as well whereas in Kerala, simple policies were introduced such as education of women, increasing the number of health clinics and improving availability of health clinics. One similarity of both of these methods was that they both try to reduce the natural increase by lowering birth rates. China does this by limiting the children per couple to one child whereas Kerala does this by educating women about family planning. Another similarity is that both policies have resulted in an increase in the economy. China’s economy has improved as they are the 2nd richest country in the world where as Kerala’s GDP has increases to $2950 per year wheras India as a whole is $460 A difference between both of these methods is that one is stricter than the other. China’s is stricter as they only let you get pregnant if you apply for a licence and you are pressured into becoming sterile so you can’t have another baby again. Kerala on the other hand, lets you choose the amount of kids you have but provide lots of education about the benefits of small families and provide 8 hectares of land to each family so that families have less children because they have to use that land to get food and if they have too many children, then 8 hectares of land may not be enough to feed their children. Another difference between both of these methods is that Kerala encourages female development whereas china doesn’t. Kerala does this by sending females to school and most girls end up going to college and even...
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