Ancient China and India

Topics: Han Dynasty, China, Hinduism Pages: 4 (1255 words) Published: October 2, 2011
Differences: There was a dynastic cycle, the dynasties would rise and fall, and be taken over by a new person. India went back to independent city states when a ruler fell. China was generally able to be re-united through a ruler India was not, India was not able to be united in the north due to invasions from bordering countries. The only person to unite India was Ashoka Maurya

Similarities: Both were patriarchal societies. Major cities were built along major water ways, India (The indus river) China (the yellow river) Both countries used forced labor (slaves, pows, etc). Used water ways for trade (religion was also able to be spread this way) The Difference Between Classical China and Classical India

Classical China and Classical India were truly great civilizations known for their contributions to modern China and India. Yet as the two developed, they showed uniqueness. Some of the qualities shown were alike, and others were not as comparable. The religions produced in China and India were very unique. In China, rather than developing full-fledged religions, they created more philosophical beliefs. Confucianism, the first and most popular of the philosophies, embraced moral virtues and values. For example, it taught to respect one's leaders, and for the leaders in return to be just and moral in their leadership. Confucius, the creator of Confucianism, believed that if the leaders set a good example, his people would follow it. It also stressed to delight in knowledge, delight in learning, to be polite, and to have good manners. Its teachings were recorded in the Analects. Daoism is another Chinese religion. Daoism, created by Lao-zi, was slightly more spiritual. It embraced nature's harmony and mystery and had an entirely different set of ethics. Instead of harmony with your fellow man and government, the Daoist belief harmony with nature was more compatible with frugal living and humility. India, however, was a different story. Hinduism was the major...
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