Compare/Contrast - Newspaper and Online News (Includes Broadcast Release)

Topics: Erosion, Writing, News style Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: November 3, 2012
The story I chose to write about is “Batu Caves at risk of caving in” which was published in The Star newspaper on Friday, 26th October. The story is about a condominium project that is going to be developed in close vicinity to Batu Caves. The project, if allowed to be carried out, can potentially cause the historical site to cave in much sooner than expected as the development may accelerate the limestone massif’s natural erosion process. The developer, Dolomite Industries, has been ordered to stop all construction-related works by the state government in order for soil testing to be conducted in the area. However, the results from the soil test would not prove the ground and caves safe from collapsing. Alternatively, MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel has suggested the state government to either identify land in a different area for the condominium project or compensate Dolomite Industries.

The style of writing in the newspaper piece compared to the online website is quite different in terms of identifying the arrangement of info in the inverted pyramid format. The newspaper piece first emphasises on how the condominium project will harm the historical site whereas the online website focuses first on what the committee members of the temple are planning to do to try and stop the developer from persisting with it. Both news pieces do still have some similarities in style. There is an even coverage of the core issue, being that Batu Caves has a higher risk of caving in if the condominium project is given the green light. They also have similarities in writing style as the online website does not read too casual and still has elements of hard news writing style.

The tones of both the stories are relatively serious. Both the newspaper and online website articles are written with a hard news type feel. However, there are some slight differences in terms of the tone of the news pieces. First of all, the newspaper article has a more monotonous feel compared...
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