Communication Level 2 Project – Reading Task

Topics: Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, Lightning Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Communication Level 2 Project – Reading Task

The two attached articles cover the story of new French President Francois Hollande's trip to Germany to visit the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The meeting was of interest as Francois Hollande's is supposed to be opposed to the austerity measures currently being imposed to tackle the debt crisis by many European countries. This journey was supposedly fraught with trouble, so I was keen to find out more about this as well as the results of the meeting. The articles are from a tabloid newspaper website and a broadsheet paper’s website which could be considered at different ends of the news reporting spectrum so a contrast in writing styles should be expected.

1/ The article from The Sun website points out firstly that Mr Hollande was soaked in a torrential downpour in Paris shortly before departing for Germany. A large picture of Mr Hollande soaked with water is on the front Page. From the headline and through the first paragraph, this detail is treated as the main point of the story. It then goes on to mention that his plane was struck by lightning, then covering the problems facing the ‘Eurozone’ fairly brefly. This article also includes points of view from the papers’ staff members, which could add some bias to the story. 2/ Article two from The Telegraph website focuses on the more serious story of the aeroplane being struck by lightning and then goes on to cover the meeting between the two politicans in quite some detail. A picture of the Mr Hollande and Ms Merkel shaking hands is on the front page pointing out what the story is mainly about. The story’s events are outlined and personal opinions are less evident in this article.

The main difference between the two articles is the writing style; article 1 chooses to highlght personal elements regarding the individuals involved. Points mentioned are that Mr Holland had a calamitous day highlighted by his soaking and that another individual ‘flashed some...
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