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Babysitting and Child-care

ENG 121

November 1, 2010
Babysitting and Child-Care

Child-care and babysitting are similar in the ways that they deal with the care of children. With the intention to properly care for children parents look to child-care providers and babysitters to watch their children while they go to work, shopping, or out for the evening. The choice is up to the parents as to which one is right for them and their child or children. Child-care and baby sitting have some similarities, but the differences between the two are vast. This paper will compare and contrast child-care and baby-sitting in the state of Georgia.

The most obvious similarity of child-care and babysitting is that they both are responsible for the care of children. Babysitters and child-care providers have a want to make sure that children are receiving the best care available. People who watch and care for children have the child’s safety at heart. Babysitters are normally responsible teenagers who are looking to earn some money while spending time with children. Child-care providers know that a profit can be made for properly caring for children.

Parents look for care of their children carefully as leaving their children with just anybody is not an option. Parents interview both childcare providers and babysitters to ensure that their children will be provided. Safety is an important issue when caring for children as many situations can occur while watching children. Babysitters and child-care providers can make parents more comfortable when guaranteeing the parents that they are capable of handling situations that can occur.

Babysitters and childcare providers do wonders for the parents when they provide activities for children. As much as safety is concerned, babysitters and child-care providers know that the children are not going to be bored and tear up the home or center. A babysitter normally comes with ideas on what to do with the children for the amount of...
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