Nvq Plevel 3 Playwork

Topics: Communication, Conflict, Graphic communication Pages: 7 (2609 words) Published: November 24, 2012
PW3.12 Assignment 4

5.1 Explain why it is important to have positive relationships with adults in the play environment It could be argued that playworkers are often naturally skilled and adept at making good relationships with the children in the informal setting of a play environment. Whilst adult relationships may take more time and effort, and thus more difficult to achieve it is essential that they maintain positive relationships with other adults within the play environment. As professional’s playworkers are likely to come in to contact with a range of adults be it parents, carers, elder siblings, other playworkers, or the general network of care and as a result need to be proficient in forming positive relations with such adults. There are a number of reasons why this is important. First and foremost, children always benefit when adults around them are able to collaborate, co-operate and work in tandem. In relation to parents and carers, it is important that playworkers and parents are amiable, and can work together to form a strong support foundation for the child. Not only will the play setting benefit from amicable relations but children will feel that they are supported as a result of the good rapport between parents and playworkers. In addition to this, parents are naturally interested in the happiness and well-being of their child. Through strong and positive relations between parents and playworkers, parents will feel that they are informed about their child’s experiences at the club and involved in this aspect of their life. Another aspect of this mutual relationship is that the parent can inform the play setting if things are difficult at home, that the child worries about certain aspects of the play environment or any difficulties that they are having. Not only will this provide an explanation for potential changes in behaviour, but it allows the playworkers to accommodate the child to make them feel more comfortable or at ease, and generally support them within the play setting. It is through this positive relationship that parents are able to support playworkers and their decisions, and in turn provide a strong team foundation to support the child and their general welfare. In terms of positive relationships with those directly associated to the play environment it is essential that a positive, friendly and supportive relationship occurs between co-workers. One must remember that children are sensitive to the way in which one works with colleagues, and indirectly the relations they see modelled by their elders are those which they in turn will portray. In effect, the attitude and relations of the playworkers act as a blue print upon which they form their own relationships. Essentially, through positive relationships with other adults within the setting, it not only creates a pleasant and fruitful atmosphere but it provides a strong foundation of support – both between playworkers themselves and with parents and carers. Through good communication and positive relations children are able to feel settled and supported in all aspects of their development.

5.2 Explain the importance of clear communications with adults in the play environment In order to develop and maintain positive relationships with adults in the play environment, an element of respect is vital. The key to this is a clear communications style. It is through such a style that both playworkers themselves, and parents feel respected, valued and a part of the play setting. Good communication is a central aspect to playwork, as well as everyday life. It is a skill which not only underpins almost every other social skill but it is particularly important when working with children and young people, and in turn the adults associated with the play environment. Through communicating effectively as playworkers, it encourages positive relationships with the adults and thus results in a proactive and efficient team...
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