Compare and Contrast

Topics: Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Yellow Wallpaper, Protagonist Pages: 3 (1210 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Extreme Anxiety
The most interesting short stories that caught my undivided attention were: “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and “Jealous Husband Returns in Form of Parrot” by Robert Olen Butler. These stories were both fascinating and intriguing in the sense that they made me feel like if I was the actual character. You could feel the pain and anguish the characters felt, even the desperation. It got to a point that I felt pity for the protagonist whom in both stories where narrating. Here we can see how someone can feel so desperate that they think the only way out is by taking their lives. Both Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Robert Olen Butler created an incredible form of fiction that makes you question if the scenes in the stories can truly happen in reality. The Yellow Wallpaper and Jealous Husband Returns in Form of Parrot have many similarities like they both are exquisite forms of fiction that only is true in our imaginations. Even though these stories are so alike, they maintain their styles of writing with unique and memorable details. Gilman’s style is a more frightful “The front pattern does move-and no wonder! The woman behind it shakes it!” (Gilman 729). “And she is all the time trying to climb through the pattern- it strangles so, I think that is why it has so many heads. They get through, and then the pattern strangles them off and turns them upside down and makes their eyes white!” (Gilman 729). This passage makes my hair rise and to only imagine that the main character cannot leave, she has to stay there seeing the walls come to life night after night. In Jealous Husband Returns in Form of Parrot Butler creates a world of wonder; the main character dies and comes back in form of a parrot. We as humans only wonder what happens after death and Butler tells us what he thinks, reincarnation. This person’s particular reincarnation was torturous, being that he becomes a bird and goes home with his wife and the wife has many...
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