Compare and Contrast

Topics: Canada, United States, Separation of powers Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Compare and Contrast United States and Canada
All countries in the world are unique in different ways. We never take time to compare between two countries unless we have a chance to visit them. United States and Canada are two neighboring countries which shares several amenities and beauty. The two countries have several similarities but are different in many aspects. A comparison between the two countries based on geographical climate, language, economy and political system make these differences and similarities evident.

The Canadian population is a little low according to 2011 census which total of 33,476,688 million people however the United States population now estimates to be, 315,907,000 including an approximately 11.2 million illegal immigrants. In Canada two thirds of the population live in urban areas concentrated in the Quebec and Ontario unlike the United States the citizens live throughout the country in large cities and small towns, and the population is spread out across the country. The Canadians language mainly is French and English but the United States language is English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese and Italian. The Canadians and the United States are mostly literate and maintain high level of living.

Also the Canadian government is a Federal Constitutional Monarchy with parliamentary democracy being the foundation of the executive, legislative and judicial branches. On the other hand the United States has Democracy with branches of government which consist judicial branch, executive branch and the congress. Both Canada and the United States officials are elected by the citizens. The Canadian flag has two vertical bands of red with a white square between them, and two point maples leave in the center. The colors are red and white. But United States have thirteen stripes alternating red, and white, and fifty white stars on rectangular field of blue that is in the upper left hand corner and the color is red, white and blue....
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