Compare and Contrast

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Compare and Contrast
The baker in “A Small Good Thing” by Raymond Carver caught my attention from the beginning of the story. He was abrupt with Ann, but it felt like there were reasons that would be explained soon why he was this way. The initial impression I got from him wasn’t likeable but as I got further into the story, there was a spark of compassion in this man that I could relate to. The bakers harassing tendencies and social isolation as a person are not traits I exhibit, where as his strong sense of compassion and emotion is where I can relate more to. The harassing phone calls made to Ann and Howard were so vague it seemed as if the baker was an evil man trying to make their lives even more painful. Being a professional baker I would have thought the baker would present himself that way over the telephone. I am a straight to the point type of individual so if I were making telephone calls in the evening for my business, first thing is first, an introduction of who I am and why I am calling is a must. With any other typical telephone conversation there should also be some sort of goodbye or ending to the conversation. He displayed no professional telephone etiquette and that is something I make sure to do. The baker was a childless, isolated man. He worked late hours because he was a baker and this kept him from being a part of the world socially. It seemed as if he didn’t know how to act around people anymore. He just wanted to focus on his work. I am a very high-spirited, happy person. I enjoy talking to people and connecting with them as well. When Ann was ordering her cake from the baker he seemed very abrupt. According to Ann, there was only the minimum exchange of words. Having a child myself, I would have joined with her on the excitement of the upcoming birthday party. I believe not having children and the hours of operation of his business turned him into this type of isolated, quiet person. The bakers’ spill of emotion and apology at the end...
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