Comparative Effect of Demonstration and Guided Discovery Instructional Method

Topics: Higher education, Vocational education, Education Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: March 27, 2012
Background study
Teachers are increasingly facing serious instructional challenges as the diversity of students within each class room continues to widen. Patterson(2002) noted that within each classroom student of a wide academic range with different labels such as gifted, fast learners, average learners, slow learners and the low learners all face their teacher daily with full hope that their need will be met. The conventional teaching method seems not to have adequately equipped instructions with contemporary view of students. Intelligence and their vast learning capacities (Campbell and Campbell,1999). These major challenges occur mostly in Technical Education. Uwaifo (2005) defined Technical Education as the acquisition of skills and techniques in choosing occupation or profession to enable an individual earn a living. Technical Education offers various courses or programmes which includes Woodwork, Plumbing, Building, Metalwork, Carpentry and Joinery, Auto mechanics, Metal fabrication, Drafting, and Electrical installation work. All this courses are offered in Technical Colleges but these study is going to be based on Electrical installation. Technical Colleges are regarded as the principal vocational institution in Nigeria. They impact full vocational training, with the intent to prepare students for entry into the various occupations (Okoro,1993). The products of these institutions are employed as operatives, artisans, and craftsmen in industries. Grant(1979), however maintained that Technical College Education is based on the fundamental of the industrial production, he averred that the main objectives of Technical College Education is to make students familiar with most important branches of production in an industry, commerce, imparting of skills and practical competencies in handling of tools, materials and generally equipping the students with both theoretical knowledge and work habits. Technical colleges provide students with vocational...
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