Comparative Analysis of Wine Tourism Within Italy and Usa

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comparative analysis of wine tourism development within Italy and USA

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TSM 11105

Module leader: Constantia Anastasiadou

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2. Comparative analysis techniques utilized- 3 -
2.1. A Synopsis of comparative analysis method used- 3 -
2.2. An evaluation of comparative technique utilized- 3 -

3. COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF WINE TOURISM IN italy and USA- 4 - 3.1. Background information of both destinations- 4 -
3.1.1. Current development status- 4 -
3.1.2. The importance and contribution of tourism to the economy- 4 - 3.1.3. An awareness of position in respect of market competitors- 5 - 3.1.4. Main characteristics of supply and demand- 6 -

3.2. Potential for market success and future view projections- 7 - 3.3. Likely social and cultural impacts- 8 -

4. Conclusion- 9 -


Appendicies- 12 -
Appendix 1 SWOT analysis of wine tourism in Italy and USA- 12 - Appendix 2 Current development status- 13 -
Appendix 3 Tourism’s contribution to economy- 13 -
Appendix 4 International arrivals- 14 -
Appendix 5 Vineyard areas worldwide- 14 -
Appendix 6 Supply and demand- 15 -


With a reference to Getz (2000), wine tourism is a way of travelling to wine countries, including visit wine cellars, wine tasting and wine purchase.

The so called ‘Old world’ and ‘New world’ markets exist in wine tourism business dictionary, by discerning Europe wine countries with rich history and traditions when it comes to wine and the rest of the world where wine tourism is existing, though not for a long time yet.

Therefore this report is analyzing two destinations from both markets – Italy, known as one of the leaders in ‘Old world’ wine tourism business and U.S., which is no doubt the main participant in the ‘New world’ wine business.

The main goal of this paper is to critically assess likely success of wine tourism development in both destinations with a help of several comparative analysis tools – SWOT analysis and benchmarking.

Hence, the report starts with both abovementioned comparative analysis tools being reviewed, then evaluation of comparative techniques utilized later on.

Afterwards, background information of Italy and U.S. is analyzed, including their current development status, the importance of tourism to each economy, existing competition within tourism in general and wine tourism in particular, and also main characteristics of supply and demand are overviewed.

Finally the potential for market success, future view projections and likely social and cultural impacts are analyzed.

2. Comparative analysis techniques utilized

2.1. A Synopsis of comparative analysis method used

A comparative analysis of two wine tourism destinations – Italy and U.S. was conducted using a mix of two methods – SWOT analysis and competitive benchmarking.

A competitive benchmarking, according to Lennon et al (2006) is a practice, then a competitor in the same sector is considered as an example. To be more specific – it is “a continuous process comparing business performance against that of the best in the industry, considering critical consumer needs and determining what should be improved” (Vaziri, 1992 In Kozak, 2002, p. 499). Therefore this approach enables to emulate good ideas and to put them in practice. With a reference to Kozak (2002), there are three main steps in the process of competitive benchmarking: performance comparison, gap identification and finally change management process, while taking into account industry’s best practice example.

Whereas a performance comparison was a first necessary step in order to carry out a benchmarking analysis, SWOT analysis method was chosen to analyze both destinations’ performance in wine tourism...
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