Wine Apellation Research

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Wine Appellation Research
App. 1: Dole de St-Leonard Appellation: Central Valais Region: Valais Village: Saint-Leonard Estate Vineyard/ Grand cru: N/A Grape Varieties: Gamay and Pinot Noir Country: Switzerland Sub-region: Sierre District

Climate Conditions: In Valais, the rainfall is low but the annual hours of sunshine are the highest in the country. Which lead them to enjoy a favoured climate benefitting from both sunshine and dry weather with mild temperatures late into autumn. Nevertheless, this canton is subject to a multitude of microclimates due to its complex and tortuous relief as well as numerous local winds. In St-Leonard, there is the Lienne River which runs through the village and an infamous underground lake along the line. The village is on a lower slope of the mountain therefore their vineyard will get enough sunshine equally. Soil Composition: The soils around Saint-Leonard, as all along the Valais, are a medley of schistous, gravelly glacial deposits – free-draining and rich in minerals brought down from the peaks above. The vines are blessed with a south-easterly aspect, helping them to make the most of the intense alpine sunlight here, and are kept relatively dry by the rain-shadow cast by the peaks above. Dole or Red wine from St-Leonard.

Type of wine:

Character of the wine: When blended can make approachable, rustic wines that are typically consumed within two to five years of bottling. The wine’s weight is fairly light with aromas of sour cherry, cranberry and leather characteristics. Commonly associated flavor profiles are fairly simple and include raspberry, strawberry and cherry. Serving temperature: 13oC

Food Harmony: Dish 1: Beef stew;  Creamy and Salty dish with a heavy taste and dice carrot and green vegetable on a side. Dish 2: Grilled Beef marinated in red wine sauce;  A beef marinated in red wine sauce for 3 hrs make the meat juicier, soft and just a nice touch then grilled until the outside get crush and crispy. These two dishes would match very well with Dole Valais AOC cave StLeonard ' as it tastes smoky and juicy from the soak red wine while Dole also give you a taste of berries, structured tannin that would match well with red wine as the dish would help to soften the tannin in the wine. Commercial Argument: It's a red wine Dole Valais AOC cave St-Leonard made from Pinot Noir and Gamay given dry red wine and purple colour. On the nose, you can smell differences type of berries and red-fruits. While you drink, it will give you a dry yet pleasant taste. A supple tannins with a good balanced to the dish. Cost & Sale price: The cost is about 16.80 CHF therefore the sale price will be 50.40 CHF per bottle because there is a hidden cost like labour, electricity, rent, etc. This wine can sell well in a normal restaurant.

 Saint-leonard, c. o. (2003-2008). Location. Retrieved 3 13, 2012, from Saint-Leonard: suisses, C. d. (1994). All about Swiss wines. Geneva: OFD Communication. (n.d.). saint-leonard wine. Retrieved 3 13, 2012, from wine-searcher:

 

App.2: Chateau Petit Village Appellation: Pomerol AOC Region: Bordeaux Village: Pomerol, Petit Village Country: France Sub-region: Libournais

Estate Vineyard/ Grand cru: Unclassified but the estate is estimated among the great growths of the region. Grape Varieties: The vineyard is planted to 75% Merlot: it makes up the fresh of the wine and endows it with its velvety feel, roundness and generosity. While 18% Cabernet Franc and 7% Cabernet Sauvignon give structure, complexity, freshness and aromatic intensity to the final blend.

Climate Conditions: Located along the Isle River, temperate oceanic climate. Pleasant and typified by very hot summers, fine autumns, winters where frosts are rare and relatively damp springs. Soil Composition: Vineyard located on a Plateau which exposure to...
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