Comparative Analysis of Pres. Aquino's Sona

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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How far the Philippines do go with the “tuwid na daan” of Pres. Aquino? According to the 1987 Constitution in Article VII, Section 23 “the President shall address the Congress at the opening of a regular session”. The yearly report of the President to the Congress and the people is popularly known as the State of the Nation Address or SONA. It is being delivered by the President every fourth Monday of July and is being televised nationwide. SONA is a yearly report by the President to the Congress and to the people. The President discusses the achievements of his administration as well as his future plans for the country. Through the SONA the President can directly ask the Congress of his legislative agendas that will help the administration to fulfil its task. This paper intends to compare and contrast the second and third SONA of President Aquino.

The second and third SONA of Pres. Aquino has a lot of common denominator such as the medium of language the President used to deliver his SONA which is both delivered in Filipino. According to Atty. Reynaldo Lopez, a legal expert and professor at the University of Santo Tomas, it is essential that President Aquino delivered his message “in a language that is understandable to all Filipino people” (Atty. Lopez, personal communication, 2012) since the President is addressing the people directly. This has been the tradition of President Aquino since he assumed office. He always wanted that every Filipino will understand his message every time he is speaking to the people. Good governance has always been advocated by President Aquino even since his campaign before the presidential elections in 2010. During his campaign he reiterated that he will be committed in fighting corruption and cleaning the tarnished system in the government. One of the platforms of his administration is institutionalizing public accountability by reforming the budgeting and project identification...
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