Communicative Competence

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Communicative Competence

By | October 2011
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 Communicative Competence
 What is Communicative Competence?
The ability to interpret messages and negotiate meaning within specific contexts. Savignon
An interpersonal construct examined by means of overt performance of two or more people in the process of communication.  James Cummins (1980)
Cognitive/Academic Language Proficiency
Context Reduced
* Surface features of language
* Focus on form
* Used for classroom exercises
* Communicative capacity of language
* Focus on meaning
* Used for daily interpersonal exchanges
Context Embedded
Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills
 Canale & Swain
Grammatical Competence
* Lexical items
* Morphology
* Syntax
* Semantics
* Phonology
Sociolinguistic Competence
Strategic Competence
* Sociocultural rules
* Understanding social context
Verbal/nonverbal strategies to compensate for breakdowns due to performance variables or insufficient competence * Ability of connecting sentences
* Intersentential Relationships
Discourse Competence
 Bachman (1990)
Locutionaryact: Performance of an utterance
“It’s cold in here.”
Illocutionary act: Intended meaning
[The windows is open. So I should close it.]
Perlocutionary act: Consequences of the utterance (whether intended or not) [Someone closes the window.]
* Dialect
* Register
* Naturalness
* Cultural References
* Vocabulary
* Morphology
* Syntax
* Phonology
* Graphology
Sociolinguistic Competence
Language Competence
Grammatical Competence
Organizational Competence
Pragmatic Competence
Textual (Discourse) Competence
Illocutionary Competence
* Manipulative Functions
* Heuristic Functions
* Imaginative Functions
* Cohesion
* Rehtorical Organization
 Strategic Competence
Language Competence
Knowledge Structures (of the world)
Strategic Competence
Psychophysiological Mechanisms
Context of Situation...

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