Interpersonal Relationships

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Communication, Psychology Pages: 6 (1923 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Interpersonal Relationships
La’Shone Anderson
Interpersonal Communication: 200
Instructor: Donn Leiske
August 30, 2009

Will you be able to survive socially in an informal environment with friends or with someone you love? Will you allow yourself to be pushed aside having nothing to say. Communication is something you have to when conversing is a social environment. Having that skill enable you to function socially and to maintain relationship maintain your important relationship. (Hybels, Weaver 2007) When gaining knowledge of interpersonal communication for relationships examine oneself as well as social surrounding are just a few steps that can be done to improve interpersonal relationship. When conducting a examination of interpersonal relationship understanding the process of defining emotional intelligence and its role in effective interpersonal relationship, self concept development and maintain must be understand, as well as in addition to understanding the impact of gender and culture communication . Reading the essay will bring together the key elements of interpersonal relationships and how they can help make individuals enhanced communication. Interpersonal relationships are relatively a long-term association between two or more people. Interpersonal relationship can emerge from love, liking, work or business interaction as well as some other social commitment. It can be brought together by many different varieties of contexts, for instance families, friends, marriage and can be regulated by law, custom or mutual agreements that can be basis of social group and society. Interpersonal relationships are not always healthy although we may be a fundamentally social creation. Abusive and codependence relationship are a clear sign of an unhealthy relationship. Intimate or social relationships are only a small part of interpersonal relationship. Relationships “usually involve some level of interdependence. People in a relationship tend to influence each other, sharing their thoughts and feeling, and engage in activities together. ( Psychologists have said that all humans have a motivational drive to form and maintain a caring interpersonal relationship. When individuals are being view it seem that people need a steady relationship as well as gratifying interaction with the individuals who they are in a relationship with. When those two components are missing, individuals will begin to feel nervous, lonely, depression and unhappiness. Relationship can be analysis in a time that was attached during the development of an individual childhood. “These patterns are believed to influence interactions throughout adulthood by shaping the roles people adopt in relationship. For example, one partner may be sincerely attached while the other is anxious and avoidant. Thus, early childhood experience primarily with parents is believed to have long lasting effects on all future relationship.(Hybels, Weaver 2007) Relationship can also represent coming together between mother and child or any spouse encounter agreement of simultaneously intimacy, while concurrently protecting disconnection. Social conversation theories translate relationship into exchanging benefit. It stated that individuals observe relationships in words of incentive that accrue for the relationship as well as potential reward from the relationship. Other theories can come up from a criticism of social conversation theory suggest that individual who care about more just increasing rewards. Most people want fairness and equity in their relationship. Most relationship is seen as a connection between two individuals, such as a romantic or intimate relationship, or parent and child relationship. Some relationships can also consider pastors and their members; a mayor in a town, group and nations can also have a relationship with each other. Individuals cannot survive without interpersonal...
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