Interpersonal Relationship and Friendship

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Personal life, Friendship Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: February 4, 2014
The most important and rewarding relationship in our lives is the friendship bonds that we form with our friends. It is very true to say that friendship plays a crucial role in social and development and success in the social world. From this analysis, I learned the importance and value of friendship. Also, we should keep our friendships healthy throughout our lives. First, we should be a good listener. We should give our friends advice in a safe way in order to keep our friendship healthy. We should always try to keep our life balanced with family, children, work and friendship. We should be truthful in our friendship. We should always make sure that they grow into a strong relationship and also how to keep the friendship going in future. From this assignment, I learned about the qualities in the functions of friendship and the value of friendship in human life. I agree that friendship is very important when it comes to meet social needs. The best thing about friendship is having someone in our life, which accepts and supports us especially during emotional distress and tough times. The value of friendship in children is very big as friendship provides children more than just fun playmates. It is more important in choosing our friends as they determine our social identity. For example, if we get into a group of friends with habits like alcohol, smoking or hanging out at a nightclub, there is lot of chances to fall in that habit. In the same manner, if we get into group of friends who are interested in involving charity services, our interest will be also be in charity services.

Good friends encourage us to change and avoid unhealthy lifestyles, which helps to reduce stress and boost our happiness. Instead of making friendship with misguided ones, we should be friends with righteous ones and treat the rest in a gracious and kind manner. We should be very honest and trustful and have good friends that help us...
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