Common Relationship Myths

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Common Relationship Myths
Relationships within the family and outside family are subject to constant debates as being an abstract and indefinable aspect of human life; they remain very much confused and uncertain. In fact, human relationships are very much subjective. The depth, meaning, happiness etc., differ from person to person. Following the exact path of a successful relationship in one person's life may not be equally beneficial or another one. Yet there are certain commonly accepted modes of being in relationships. There are several types of relationships that exist among human beings. Family relationships, romantic relationships, parental relationships, extramarital relationships etc., are few among them. Being in a relationship is an added responsibility and obligation as the success of any relationship is the collective result of the attitudes, behavioral patterns and personal preferences of two or more people included in the relationship. There are few relationship myths; usually people believe to be true. Let us explore few of such commonly held relationship myths. There is a Soul Mate or True Love for Every Person

It is an obvious myth and also a mistake to believe that each and every person has a true love or soul mate. You get into relationship with a person not because he/she is the one and only person who fits your requirements and matches your mind. The person is just one among many of similar type. It is because you met him/her at the right time and place, you are in relationship with the person. If you were born to a different region on earth, you might see another person matching your mind and have got into relationship with him/her. Therefore, it is quite possible to have more than one soul mate for every person. Best Relationship is Between People of Similar Personality

Many people hold the belief that similar personalities and mindsets attract each other and force them into relationships. But it is a myth and wrong notion. It is not...
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