Communication Theory Paper

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  • Published : July 12, 2010
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Communication Theory Paper
University of Phoenix

Communication Theory Paper 2
Communication is an important part and concern in many organizations. With many organizations having such a diverse workforce communicating has an impact on how well employees, patient and family members interact together. Many communication issues arise due to the fact that there are many employees from different cultures and different genders. These issues have an impact on how effectively tasks are done within the organization causing concerns with family members, patients and even coworkers. The different individuals that are from different cultures and genders have different ways on which they communication. Their communication skills, language and sometimes body language impacts how well the organization does as a whole. In this paper I will explain the differences among these individuals, look at ways to improve these skills and offer recommendations to improve the communication skills with in the organization. Within the organization I work there are both male and female employees. Males and females most often do not communicate or understand communication in the same way. A female tends to talk more than males which makes the patients, caregivers and family members more comfortable. The females tend to have more knowledge on health care issues which helps them communicate more effectively and openly (Davidson, 1991). The female employees do not care which gender they take care of they are open with their communication skills no matter what gender the patient is. With males they sometimes do not communicate about health issues which make it harder for them to communicate openly with coworkers, family members and patients. Males normally will not start a conversation with these individuals but will talk or join in the conversation to be polite. Now with male coworkers and patients or family...
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